Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Afternoon Brew | Archives

Seattle's The Stranger has an interesting article about Mat Brooke's new band, Archives.
"Sleepdriving" featured on their My Space for download has been on my repeat this whole afternoon. It's turning to be one of my fave songs this year.

(excerpt text taken from The Stranger article)

But when asked about Band of Horses, Brooke is reticent.
"Uh-oh," he chuckles and stirs his drink. "Here we go.
"Nothing," he says. "Nothing happened.... I really enjoyed writing some stuff on that first record, and I enjoyed making the record a lot. That was a blast. And, uh, I also enjoy not doing it."

He laughs. Rather than annoyed, he seems weakly amused by the attention his departure gets:
"How should I put this? We all agreed to do our own things.... The story is dark, and, uh, it's no fun."

Read the full article ovah here.

Stream/ download a couple of the tracks ovah My Space: Archives


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