Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today's Brew | Carissa's Wierd

With a previous entry, we take a second look at the band known as Carissa's Wierd. The word "wierd" is intentionally spelled wrong. The group formed by Jenn Ghetto and Mat Brooke, with the addition of Jeff Hellis, Ben Bridwell, Sarah Standard, and Sera Cahoone. And as the group splintered off, various members paved their own path into the Seattle soundscape.

YouTube: Carissa's Wierd- "Sympathy Bush"

Stream their music at My Space: Carissa Wierd (not official site)
Carissa Wierd- (1995-2003)

Jenn Ghetto-
mp3: S- "Falling"

Sera Cahoone-

My Space: Sera Cahoone

Ben Bridwell & Mat Brooke (leaves in summer 2006)
mp3: Band of Horses- "Bass Song"

Mat Brooke-
My Space: Archives


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