Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's Brew | Menomena-mania

So I caught the Menomena show atthe Echo this past weekend. Quite an amazing show. Unfortunately I don't have any visual stimuli to entice your eyes of what the show was like. Since my poor digital camera has officially passed onto digital heaven. (RIP- my sony cybershot) But then again, you would ask, why not take a picture from your own cellphone? Here lies the problem, my cellphone doesn't have a camera? How weird is that? Well I'm in for an upgrade on my phone, since I haven't done it for sometime...maybe I should. Oh, so back to the show I went to, after fighting off my allergies that I really had a horrible case of the night before, and that I sat through almost three hours of watching the movie Zodiac (which I highly recommend). I was a bit out of it. For some strange reason the bands that played prior to Menomena just didn't do much for me, Bon Savant and Parson Redhead. Maybe I was still suffering from my post-3hour movie syndrome with a dash of repressed allergies about to blow my head off. But once, Menomena, I was able to prolong the agonizing onset of my allergies-sinuses to catch their performance. So not much of a review other than my whining and complaining, but I blame it on my allergies-sinuses. And the most I've ever written for an entry.
Maybe being somewhat apologetic for the fact that: a) I have nothing to show visually b) i have allergies- damnit...argh!

The song that really did it for me was when they played this song.
mp3:Menomena- "Muscle'n Flow'
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