Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Today's Brew | Tale of Two Brothers

Yes its old news, but today marks the release of both Fiddy Cent and Kanye's latest, to see who's the real moneymaker and forever determine the future fate of hip hop as we know it....okay, that sounded a bit too contrived. hahaha...

Fiddy's tactic: uses Justin Timberlake in hopes to outsell West with sexyback.

West tactic:
utilizes the more cooler and hipper- Daft Punk to draw in the masses.

What's at stake? Fiddy will retire (meaning he'll start spending more time with Paris Hilton) if West could outsell him. Say it ain't so!! Oh no, what will the world be if Fiddy were to retire?!

I find this whole thing pretty damn hilarious.
Jeff (Passion of the Weiss) has a nice fun feature on this silly marketing stunt:
LA Weekly- Decision 2007: Kanye West vs 50 cent


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