Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Brew | Microremix Set One

As we mentioned, there was a bit of an online feud between Jeff (Passion of Weiss) vs Bradford (Deerhunter), but it appears that things have been settled in a peaceful manner between both parties. Props to both for handling this well. At least its left us with some entertainment for the week.
You can read em about it ovah here and here.
Whether you like Deerhunter or not, its up to you-- of course, P'folk gave the band's album a favorable review- which many have criticized.
But then again, to get Karen O to say the music borders a "religious experience" and to have Liars say good things about you. I personally think they're aite...I certainly wouldn't have given them high marks for the album, but thought they weren't terribly bad either.

And here's an interesting project that was posted.

Bradford writes:
This is the first in a series of remixtapes I plan on doing. I will still make micromixes as usual, but occasionally i like to fuck the songs up beyond recognition to make something new. This is a pretty simple process involving Ableton Live. I have sort of deconstructed the tracks or taken elements from them and built songs around them. (From the Deerhunter Blog)

1. INTRO - Sonic Youth (from Bad Moon Rising)
2. J'TAIME - Serge Gainsbourg (Renamed here: "Selling Guns in Africa")
3. STRANGE LOVE - Darlene Love
4. I USED TO SAY I LOVE YOU - Robyn Hitchcock
mp3: Microremix Set One


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