Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's Brew | El- P remixed by CWL

El-P's latest album, I'll Sleep When You're Dead has been out for some time, and I don't think I've written any entries about it yet. In fact, there are a handful of albums that are out now, that I haven't even written about...either they've just slipped past me and I've only recently discovered on my own as being good or just got distracted and totally forgot to write about them. But anyways, I'll do some backtracking now and then, to revisit some albums that I may have missed this past year.
In the meantime, El-P comes to the LA area on May 21st for a show at the El Rey.

And if you haven't already checked this remix by Casettes Won't it is, once again.

mp3: El-P- "Flyentology"(featuring Trent Reznor)- Remixed by CWL

My Space: El-P


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