Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today's Brew | Blonde Redhead

Kazu Makino and the Pace Bros return and this time they take the helm in producing this album.

23 has been in my rotation this past week. 23 officially drops next week here in the US, and in Europe on April 23. And for you lucky bastards that live in their hometown of NYC, they will be playing a free show at the Apple Store in Soho on the day of the album release. Bastards.

Stream the whole album off their My Space.

From their album 23:
mp3: Blonde Redhead- "Dr. Strangeluv"
(YouSend: for a limited time only)

From their 2004 album Misery is a Butterfly:
mp3: Blonde Redhead- "Misery is a Butterfly"

official site: Blonde Redhead
My Space: Blonde Redhead


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