Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today's Brew | Rosie Thomas

I've been listening to Rosie, of late, and yes, I know I'm late on this one as well.
Her album has been out as a digital release since early December, but the official CD release is in March, here in the US.
She gets help from fellow friends like Sufjan Stevens and Denison Witmer onn this album. The album also features a couple of notable covers, a REM cover of "The One I Love" and also a Denison Witmer cover.

From her album "These Friends of Mine", a Denison Witmer cover:
mp3: Rosie Thomas- "Paper Doll"
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official site: Rosie Thomas
My Space: Rosie Thomas


Grumpy Man has pictures of a completely unannounced show in England's Mr Wolfs by Portishead. Check out the photos ovah here.
From the album compilation "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited":
mp3: Portishead- "Requiem for Anna"
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