Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today's Brew | The Fiery Furnaces

The tunes to Widow City ended up not much like Van Morrison or Led Zeppelin. Instead, they sounded, to the brother, as if engaged in some sort of general Paul McCartney-izing, though with a different drummer.
(The Fiery Furnaces on Widow City, courtesy of Thrill Jockey)
The word for today is: "Paul McCartney-izing"

The return of the Friedbergers with their sixth album "Widow City" via Thrill Jockey (their new home) as it drops in October.

Check out Fluxblog's early impressions of the new album ovah here.
I'm still listening to the album, and thus far enjoying the album- perhaps its because I've loved their previous albums, but not so much Rehearsing My Choir.
And you thought their music was quite peculiar and at times a bit confusing, well, try reading their explanation behind their new album and how they arrived with the word "Paul McCartney-izing" ovah here.

From their album "Widow City":
mp3:The Fiery Furnaces- "Widow City"
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official site: The Fiery Furnaces
My Space: The Fiery Furnaces


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